The Complete Engraver is a brand new book about engraving, print engraving, stationery engraving. It hit bookshelves September, 2012, and a book signing tour started in August, see the schedule, below. Order it from Garden District Books in New Orleans or your local book seller.

The New York Times covered The Complete Engraver, great ink!

Steven Yvask chooses The Complete Engraver for a holiday best collectable gift and Ellie Snow review it on Mint Design.

View real hand engraved samples created and printed at the Hermann-Grima Historic House book signing and engraving demo  including hand engravers Yvette Rutledge, Emily DeLorge and novice Vincent Mitchell who pulled proofs on a portable intaglio press.

James Puckett’s glorious review can be read here!

Mohawk Fine Paper’s Felt & Wire reviewed it here.

Thanks to everyone who supported the Kickstarter project—successfully funded 8/27—helping underwrite the Northeast book tour from September to November. Our little project was also a Kickstarter staff pick hit on 8/8.

Engraving for Nerds was also covered by Matt Porter on Neenah Paper’s Against the Grain.

What’s this for?

Outreach, its all about reaching out to visual culture nerds like you, people who know, or know nothing about engraving.

Which nerds?

Designers, typographers, tech people, book people, print history/letterpress/paper/letter writing/calligraphy people, picture people, cultural history people, heraldic and iconography people, people interested in monograms and ciphers, DIY people.

Where’s the 2012 Autumn East Coast book tour?

August…………Milwaukee (TypeCon Conference)
………………….New Orleans (Zehnder Communication)
September 24…Brooklyn (Powerhouse)
September 29…Hudson, NY (Rural Residence)
October 12/13..Chicago (American Printing History Association)
October 20…….New Orleans (Hermann-Grima House)
…………………..Millerton, NY (Hunter Bee)
December 18….Baltimore, MD (SHAG)